The roots of Inctek go back to 1976 when Gkekas Evangelos as an employee of the main Service of Subaru Athens gained the knowledge and experience that allowed him three years later to found the company SWP Gkekas Bros. SWP was one of the most significant authorised SUBARU Service centers in Athens. The staff has served it's clients for 30 years, always with professionalism and credibility. Since 2003 SWP collaborated with EcuTek UK and by participating in seminars and training in it's head offices in UK, SWP was able to develop any Subaru and Mitsubishi (production date 1999 and onwards) by reprogramming the factory ECU.
Gkekas Evangelos is a technical school car engineer with 30 years of experience in service and mechanical repairs and stays always up to date in technological advances. Gkekas Christos is a mechanical engineer and his knowledge on the field of electronic management and car enhancement comes from continuous seminars and training from EcuTek UK on modern electronic systems. Having attended seminars in Prodrive UK on the field of vehicle dynamics and having followed training on OBD technologies Gkekas Christos is in position to develop power packages for Subaru and Mitsubishi, aiming both to increase the horsepower and the passive and active safety of the car (traction control).
The need for bigger and easily accessible facilities led to the founding of Inctek in the junction of Pireos street with the extension of the National Road E79 and Possidonos street. In our modern 300cm2 facilities we can deal with any problem of new and older technology cars. With innovate electronic equipment we can reprogram the factory ECU, perform 4WD wheel alignment and check all the functions of the car. With our modern 4WD chassis-dynamometer we can measure the power of every car up to 1000bhp and map precisely every working area of the engine by electronic control of the load. Furthermore you can choose one of the three power packs that we have developed for the Subaru and Mitsubishi Turbo models depending on the dynamic character you want to give to your car. These power packs are 100% safe for the engine and also have an EcuTek certificate and an 1-year warranty.
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